Amol 150 ml

0.15 kg

Amol is an all-purpose tonic, based on natural ingredients. An extract from medicinal herbs, it is used for the internal and external treatment of headache, muscle pain, common cold, indigestion, as well as calming nerves and promoting restful sleep.

Mentholum (Mentol)17,23mg - Citronellae Aetheroleum 1,00mg - Caryophylli Floris Aetheroleum 1,00mg - Cinnamomi Zeylanici Corticis Aetheroleum 2,40mg - Limonis Aetheroleum 5,70mg - Menthae Piperitae Aetheroleum 2,40mg - Lavandulae Aetheroleum 2,40mg - and other substances: etanol 96 vol. % (638mg), water.


NPN 80061285